Zanussi Boilers

Compare Zanussi boilers including combi, regular and system boilers and gas, oil and electric boilers.

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Zanussi Boilers

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Zanussi Combi Boilers

BoilerEfficiencyOutputWarrantyMPNBoiler Type
Zanussi Ultra 30kW Gas Combi Boiler89%30kW2 - 10 YearsCombi
Zanussi Ultra 35kW Gas Combi Boiler91%35kW2 - 10 YearsCombi

Zanussi System Boilers

BoilerEfficiencyOutputWarrantyMPNBoiler Type
Zanussi Ultra 15kW Gas System Boiler89.3%12kW2 - 10 YearsSystem
Zanussi Ultra 18kW Gas System Boiler92%18kW2 - 10 YearsSystem
Zanussi Ultra 24kW Gas System Boiler93%24kW2 - 10 YearsSystem
Zanussi Ultra 30kW Gas System Boiler89.6%30kW2 - 10 YearsSystem
Fault Code System Behaviour
C0 Boiler chip card (BCC) activation fault
C2 Boiler chip card (BCC) fault
F1 Low water pressure
F2 Flame loss
F3 Fan fault
F4 Flow thermistor
F5 Return thermistor
F6 Outside sensor failure
F7 Low mains voltage
F9 Unconfigured printed circuit board (PCB)
L1 Flow temperature overheat or no water flow
L2 Flame loss
L5 5 boiler resets in 15 minutes
L6 False flame lockout