Warmflow Boilers

Compare Warmflow boilers including combi, regular and system boilers and gas, oil and electric boilers.

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Warmflow Boilers

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Warmflow Combi Boilers

Warmhaus combi boilers are suited to properties with reduced space and are mainly located in a bathroom or kitchen and hidden within a cupboard and ensure fast access to hot water from the mains water supply to radiators and taps. Warmhaus combi boilers are energy efficient units with low running costs that are ideally suited to apartments and small to medium sized housing with 1 to 2 bathrooms. Warmhaus combi boilers don’t require hot water tanks or cylinders as a regular boiler or system boiler does therefore making these Warmhaus combi boilers cheaper to install.
BoilerEfficiencyOutputWarrantyMPNBoiler Type
Warmflow Kabin Pak KC120HEE 33kW Oil Combi Boiler89.1%33kW2 YearsCombi
Warmflow Kabin Pak KC90HEE 26kW Oil Combi Boiler89.5%26kW2 YearsCombi
Warmflow Kabin-Pak KC70HEE 21kW Oil Combi Boiler89.1%21kW2 YearsCombi
Warmflow Utility UC120HEE 33kW Oil Combi Boiler89.1%33kW5 yearsCombi
Warmflow Utility UC70HEE 21kW Oil Combi Boiler89.1%21kW5 yearsCombi
Warmflow Utility UC90HEE 26kW Oil Combi Boiler89.1%26kW5 yearsCombi

Warmflow System Boilers

BoilerEfficiencyOutputWarrantyMPNBoiler Type
Warmflow Kabin Pak KS120HE 33kW Oil System Boiler90.7%33kW2 YearsSystem
Warmflow Kabin Pak KS70HE 21kW Oil System Boiler90.7%21kW2 YearsSystem
Warmflow Kabin Pak KS90HE 26kW Oil System Boiler90.8%26kW2 YearsSystem
Warmflow Utility US120HE 33kW Oil System Boiler90.7%33kW5 yearsSystem
Warmflow Utility US70HE 21kW Oil System Boiler90.7%21kW5 yearsSystem
Warmflow Utility US90HE 26kW Oil System Boiler90.8%26kW5 yearsSystem
Fault Code System Behaviour
E01 No flame – flame has failed during startup.
E02 Safety thermostat tripped (95°C)
E03 Flue thermofuse tripped
H20 Low system pressure
E05 Heating sensor fault
E22 Fan fault
E16 Parameter programming request
E35 Ionisation electrode fault
E42 Fan printed circuit board (PCB) fault