Intergas Boilers

Compare Intergas boilers including combi, regular and system boilers and gas, oil and electric boilers.

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Intergas Boilers

Intergas Boilers

Intergas Combi Boilers

Intergas combi boilers enable instant access to hot water from the mains water supply via a wall mounted unit that are suited to properties with reduced space and are mainly located in a bathroom or kitchen and hidden within a cupboard. Intergas combi boilers are energy efficient units with low running costs that are ideally suited to apartments and small to medium sized houses with 1 to 2 bathrooms. Intergas combi boilers don’t require hot water tanks or cylinders as a regular boiler or system boiler does therefore making these Intergas combi boilers cheaper to install.
BoilerEfficiencyOutputWarrantyMPNBoiler Type
Intergas Compact ECO RF 24kW Gas Combi Boiler88.8%24kW10 YearsCombi
Intergas Compact ECO RF 30 Gas Combi Boiler88.8%23kW10 YearsCombi
Intergas Compact ECO RF 36kW Gas Combi Boiler89.1%27kW10 YearsCombi
Intergas Compact HRE 24/18 Gas Combi Boiler88.8%17kW7 YearsCombi
Intergas Compact HRE 28/24 Gas Combi Boiler88.8%23kW7 YearsCombi
Intergas Compact HRE 36/30kW Gas Combi Boiler89.1%27kW7 YearsCombi
Intergas Compact HRE 36/40 Gas Combi Boiler88.8%41kW7 YearsCombi
Intergas Rapid 25kW Gas Combi Boiler89%25kW3 yearsCombi
Intergas Rapid 25kW Plus Gas Combi Boiler93%25kW6 YearsCombi
Intergas Rapid 32kW Gas Combi Boiler88.9%32kW3 yearsCombi
Intergas Rapid 32kW Plus Gas Combi Boiler93%32kW6 YearsCombi
Intergas Xclusive 24kW Gas Combi Boiler87%24kW10 YearsCombi
Intergas Xclusive 30kW Gas Combi Boiler89%30kW10 YearsCombi
Intergas Xclusive 36kW Gas Combi Boiler89%36kW10 YearsCombi
Intergas Xtreme 24kW Gas Combi Boiler93%24kW7 YearsCombi
Intergas Xtreme 30kW Gas Combi Boiler93%30kW7 YearsCombi
Intergas Xtreme 36kW Gas Combi Boiler93%36kW7 YearsCombi

Intergas System Boilers

BoilerEfficiencyOutputWarrantyMPNBoiler Type
Intergas Compact HRE SB 18Kw Gas System Boiler88.9%18kW7 yearsSystem
Intergas Compact HRE SB 24 23kW Gas System Boiler88.9%23kW7 yearsSystem
Intergas Compact HRE SB 30 27kW Gas System Boiler89.2%27kW7 yearsSystem
Intergas Compact HRE SB 40 41kW Gas System Boiler89.2%41kW7 YearsSystem

Intergas Regular Boilers

BoilerEfficiencyOutputWarrantyMPNBoiler Type
Intergas Compact HRE OV 18kW Gas Regular Boiler88.8%18kW7 YearsRegular
Intergas Compact HRE OV 24 23kW Gas Regular Boiler88.9%23kW7 YearsRegular
Intergas Compact HRE OV 30 27kW Gas Regular Boiler88.9%27kW7 YearsRegular
Fault Code System Behaviour
10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Sensor fault S1
20, 21, 22, 23, 24 Sensor fault S2
0.0 Low system pressure
0 Sensor fault after self check
1 Temperature too high
2 S1 and S2 interchanged
4 No flame signal
5 Poor flame signal
6 Flame detection fault
8 Incorrect fan speed
27 Shortcut outside sensor temperature
29, 30 Gas valve relay faulty
Fault Code System Behaviour Possible solution / cause
F000 Sensor defect Heat exchanger sensor needs replacing.
F001 Temperature too high during central heating demand Air could be in system, central heating system needs bleeding. There could be an error with the pump & it could need replacing.
F002 Temperature too high during domestic hot water (DHW) demand The wiring of DHW sensor needs checking, possible breakage.
F003 Flue gas temperature too high Heat exchanger needs checking for contamination.
F004 No flame during startup Gas valve is closed. Condensation drain is blocked and ignition needs checking.
F005 Flame disappears during operation Condensation drain could be blocked, the air supply duct and flue needs checking for possible recirculation or blockage of flue gases.
F006 Flame simulation error Gas valve could need replacing or burner controller could need replacing.
F007 No or insufficient ionisation flow Wiring of ionisation/ignition pin could have a breakage shut down and could need replacing.
F008 Fan speed incorrect Fan cable needs checking, fan or burner controller could need replacing.
F009 Bunner controller has internal fault Burner controller needs replacing.
F010, F011 Sensor fault Possible issue with heat exchanger sensor, breakage or not connected properly.
F012 Sensor 5 fault Wiring for flue gas sensor needs checking, possible breakage.
F014 Mounting fault sensor Heat exchanger sensor is not mounted correctly and needs to be mounted properly.
F015 Mounting fault sensor S1 Central heating flow sensor is not mounted correctly and needs mounting properly.
F016 Mounting fault S3 Domestic hot water sensor is not mounted correctly and needs mounting properly.
F018 Flue and / or air supply duct is blocked The flue and/or air supply duct could need cleaning.
F019 BMM error Check the BMM wiring for breakages / BMM wiring could need replacing.
F027 Short circuit of outdoor sensor Outdoor sensor could have a wiring issue, check and replace the outdoor sensor.
F028 Reset error The reset button needs checking for unintentional operation e.g. cleaning of control panel. Burner controller might need replacing.
F029 Gas valve error Gas valve needs checking for leakage / burner controller could need replacing
FO30 Sensor S3 fault Check wiring of domestic hot water sensor for breakage or shutdown domestic hot water sensor – it could need replacing.
F031 Sensor fault S1 Check wiring of central heating flow sensor for breakage and shutdown. Check that weather central heating flow sensor is connected correctly.