Baxi 624 Gas Combi Boiler

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Baxi 624 Gas Combi Boiler

Baxi 624 Combi Gas Boiler

Product Information

The Baxi 624 Gas Combi Boiler is a highly reliable Combi boiler that is designed and manufactured by Baxi. This is a highly efficient unit that runs on Gas with an energy efficiency rating of 89% and a B Rated SEDBUK rating.

The boiler has an output rating of 24kW with a flow rate of 10.2 l/min which is ideal for a medium sized houses that don’t have excessive heating and hot water requirements.

The Baxi 624 Gas Combi Boiler is a compact unit that will save space around your house and can be Wall Mounted How long is the warranty on a Baxi boiler? Featuring 7 years warranty, you’ll be able to rely on Baxi long after installation. How much does the Baxi 624 Gas Combi Boiler cost? The average price for this boiler is £735 from online retailers.

What is the installation price for the Baxi 624 Gas Combi Boiler? You can expect the boiler installation cost to be about £1500 - £3000.

Specifications: Baxi 624 Gas Combi Boiler
Brand Baxi
Boiler Model Baxi 624 Gas Combi Boiler
Condensing Condensing
Energy Efficiency Rating 89%
SEDBUK Rating B Rated
Fuel Gas
Type Combi Boiler
LPG Compatible: No
Warranty 7 years
Output (Kilowatts) 24kW
Mounting Wall Mounted
Flow Rate 10.2 l/min
Average Boiler Price £735
Installation Cost £1500 - £3000