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ATAG Combi Boilers

ATAG combi boilers give fast access to hot water by heating up water directly from the mains water supply though a narrow wall mounted boiler that are generally located in a kitchen or bathroom and tucked away within a cupboard.ATAG combi boilers are cost efficient units with low running costs that are ideally suited to apartments and small to medium sized houses with 1 to 2 bathrooms. ATAG combi boilers don't require hot water tanks or cylinders as a regular boiler or system boiler does therefore making these Alpha combi boilers less costly to install.
BoilerEfficiencyOutputWarrantyMPNBoiler Type
ATAG IC Economiser Plus 27kW Gas Combi Boiler89.7%27kW10 YearsCombi
ATAG IC Economiser Plus 35kW Gas Combi Boiler89.7%35kW10 YearsCombi
ATAG IC Economiser Plus 39kW Gas Combi Boiler89.7%39kW10 YearsCombi
ATAG IC24 24kW Gas Combi Boiler89.7%24kW10 YearsCombi
ATAG IC28 28kW Gas Combi Boiler89.7%28kW10 YearsCombi
ATAG IC36 36kW Gas Combi Boiler89.7%36kW10 YearsCombi
ATAG IC40 40kW Gas Combi Boiler89.7%40kW10 YearsCombi

ATAG System Boilers

BoilerEfficiencyOutputWarrantyMPNBoiler Type
ATAG IS15 15kW Gas System Boiler89.8%15kW10 YearsSystem
ATAG IS18 18kW Gas System Boiler89.8%18kW10 YearsSystem
ATAG IS24 24kW Gas System Boiler89.8%24kW10 YearsSystem
ATAG IS32 32kW Gas System Boiler89.8%32kW10 YearsSystem
ATAG IS40 40kW Gas System Boiler89.8%40kW10 YearsSystem

ATAG Regular Boilers

BoilerEfficiencyOutputWarrantyMPNBoiler Type
ATAG IR15 15kW Gas Regular Boiler89.8%15kW10 YearsRegular
ATAG IR18 18kW Gas Regular Boiler89.8%18kW10 YearsRegular
ATAG IR24 24kW Gas Regular Boiler89.8%24kW10 YearsRegular
ATAG IR32 32kW Gas Regular Boiler89.8%32kW10 YearsRegular
ATAG IR40 40kW Gas Regular Boiler89.8%40kW10 YearsRegular

Atag Boiler Warranty

ATAG boilers includes a 10 year parts and labour warranty. An after-care warranty helpline is provided by ATAG which is 7 days a week and 24 hours a day customers with an ATAG boiler.

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Atag Boiler Controls

Atag Boiler Error Codes

Fault Code System Behaviour
10 Outside sensor error
20 Flow sensor error
40 Return sensor error
61 Bus communication error
78 Water pressure out of range
105 Venting program active when power turned on / interrupted (runs for 7 mins)
110 Exceeded safety temperature
111 Exceeded maximum pressure
119 X2 link position 4 and 5 missing
129 Fan doesn’t start
133 No flame after 5 ignition attempts
151 Fan error or control unit defective (speed control is not achieved)
154 Return greater than flow – flow temperature increases too fast
101 Overheat error
102 Pressure sensor fault
104 Flow check failed
108 Pressure needs filling to < 0.5 bar
1P4 Pressure needs filling to 0.5 – 0.8 bar
109 Pressure > Pmax error
110 Send probe damaged
112 Return probe error – could be damanged
114 Outdoor sensor error – could be damaged
141 Central heating flow switch is open
201 Domestic hot water (DHW) probe damaged
203 Tank probe damaged
303 Printed circuit board (PCB) error
304 Too many resets have occured
501 No flame detected
612 Fan fault – fan isn’t starting up
Fault Code System Behaviour
50 Domestic hot water (DHW) sensor error
117 Pressure greater than 3 bar or pump pressure increase is too high
118 Pressure less than 1 bar or pump pressure increase too low (no pump detection).